METRIX STATISTIC GUIDE: How to mark your score?

First stage of Innova Baltic Tour is getting closer and closer. During the Pärnu Open we would like you to use also Metrix Statistics. Not recording the Metrix statistics or not signing the scorecard is not penalizable under PDGA rules but we hope that the players see the benefits that the statistics provide for the fans and the players themselves.

Each player will have a separate scorecard for each round. All scorecards of a group (usually 4 scorecards) will be in a numbered folder, that the players carry with them on a IBT tournament round. The folder will also contain brief instructions on how to fill the statistics fields of the scorecards.
Due to space limitations the instructions included in the folder are very brief so we have made a special instruction for you to read beforehand. This will give you a know how to mark Metrix Statistics, including some rarer sample scenarios that happen in every tournament.

Thank you for reading the document before the tournament.

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