IBT Vilnius Open 2024 Course

Pūčkoriai course is considered one of the most difficult courses in Lithuania. And it’s one of most beautiful too.
Only few minutes from city center by car, and you are in different world – feels like in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wonderful nature. It is situated by historic Pūčkoriai Mound, counting history back to stone age!
The course itself also have many records of Lithuanian disc golf history. 1st Lithuanian PDGA tournament was held on Pūčkoriai course. 1st Lithuanian Euro Tour event was also played here!
During 10+ years of existence the course went thru many changes, getting more and more challenging.
Back in 2020, just before termination of the Tour due to Covid, DiscCity Team revealed the secret - new Pūčkoriai Course layout named... THE PILGRIM! It’s a MUST PLAY course for every disc golfer on his Disc Golf Pilgrimage before he/she joins “Steady” Ed Headrick! IBT Vinius Open 2024 is probably the only chance to play The Pilgrim layout this year!
On THE PILGRIM course you will climb hills, follow narrow footpaths, run on steep stairways, find your way through the woods, enjoy open fields, walk by the river... and maybe in the water too!
Fun fact – current President of Lithuania lives at the very end of… Pūčkoriai street (yes – the street passing along the course)! Don’t be surprised if you see some security cars or ...presidential cortege! 

Google maps location: https://goo.gl/maps/ECCKmcQ3QmCns5a99
About Pūčkoriai course (Lithuanian only): http://www.discgolf.lt/parkai/puckoriu-diskgolfo-parkas/
Address: Pūčkorių Disc Golf Course, Pūčkorių g. 15, Vilnius 11300

IBT Vilnius Open 2023 - MPO Lead Card Final round
F9 - https://youtu.be/1cfWcM7vcl4
B9 - https://youtu.be/zLxFBQCVoJk

Lithuanian Disc Golf Championships 2022 - MPO Lead Card Final round (LT commentary) -


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