Rules and fees

Innova Baltic Tour (IBT) events are registered in PDGA – a governing body of professional Disc Golf. IBT events are mainly sanctioned as PDGA A-Tier or B-Tier events.

The PDGA rules will be in effect for disc golf events with some possible alterations. The rules of disc golf as defined by the PDGA will also be the rules governing play at IBT events. Any exceptions or changes will be made known to the players, media, and spectators in advance of the event affected by any changes made.
One of the exceptions of the rule is the advanced scoring responsibilities of players in an IBT event. (An advanced scoring system called will be used in all IBT events. Players will be provided sample instructions and training for the new system.)

Attending an IBT event requires a registration in PDGA and rating at least 800. PDGA rules on Dress Code and Non-smoking policies are in effect in all IBT events.

Each player will have a separate scorecard for each round. All scorecards of a group (usually 4 scorecards) will be in a numbered folder, that the players carry with them on an IBT tournament round. The folder will also contain brief instructions (look below the Metrix Scorecard Guide) on how to fill the statistics fields of the scorecards.
Due to space limitations, the instructions included in the folder are very brief. In this guide, we’ll give detailed instructions on recording Metrix statistics, including some rarer sample scenarios that happen in every tournament.
Not recording the Metrix statistics or not signing the scorecard is not penalizable under PDGA rules. We hope that the players see the benefits that the statistics provide for the fans and the players themselves.

Entry Fees/Winning shares

*Purse with a full field of players.

Innova Baltic Tour Zarasai Open
90 players
  • Category B-Tier
  • Purse (€)* 1800€
  • Payout to top 25%
  • Format 3 x 18 holes
  • 4 divisions (MPO, FPO, MJ1, MPM)
  • Player pack included
Innova Baltic Tour Riga Open
95 players
  • Category B-Tier
  • Purse (€)* 1900€
  • Payout to top 25%
  • Format 3 x 19 holes
  • 4 divisions (MPO, FPO, MJ1, MPM)
  • Player pack included
Innova Baltic Tour Alutaguse Open
168 players
  • Category A-Tier
  • Purse (€)* 6720€
  • Payout to top 25%
  • Format 3 x 18 holes
  • 4 divisions (MPO, FPO, MJ1, MP40)
  • Player pack included

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